Andy Kim (NJ-03)

  • Lifetime public servant for New Jersey
  • Fighting for what’s important to working families
  • Best chance to flip seat



I grew up in the Third District. It’s where I hit my first home run, earned my first paycheck, and received an incredible public school education that helped me become a Rhodes Scholar, a diplomat, and a father.

I took what I learned in New Jersey to serve our nation as a career public servant.  From the White House I helped our nation lead a global war against ISIS, from our U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan I served as a strategic adviser to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen, and from the Pentagon I helped our nation build a strong military and provide for our brave service men and women.  I was a career public servant, not a political appointee, and I’m proud of having worked with both Democrats and Republicans focused on keeping our nation safe.  I have and always will put the nation and the American people above politics.

My wonderful wife Kammy and I have a trouble-making two year old boy named Austin with another little guy on the way. Being a young family is an adventure every day.  When my parents were my age, they were a young family who moved my sister and me to the Jersey Third because of the strong public schools.  My parents, both immigrants who moved to America to build a better life, never had much money in the bank, but they worked hard to provide a stable and secure future for us.  I will never forget what they and the supportive community here in New Jersey did for me.

I believe our stories have a lot in common as we are all working hard to forge a life full of love and purpose. Right now, our paths are brought together not just because of crisis and turmoil, but also because of our belief that we can work together to build something better. This is our fight, our campaign, our movement, our future.