Aruna Miller (MD-06)

  • Fights for the needs of working families
  • Champions equality, security and basic freedoms
  • Continue the push against anti-American policies



My story is only possible in America. I came to this country from India when I was seven years old, and my father instilled in me the idea that if you’re willing to work hard the United States is truly the land of opportunity. And I did work hard. I got a quality public education, worked my way through college, and made a successful career as a Transportation Engineer. As a working mom, I balanced my career with raising our three daughters and caring for my mother.

Beyond striving for my own family, it is equally important for me to do the same for the residents of my community and fight for those who need our help the most. As a transportation engineer, I helped to create equitable access for the disabled, pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and motorists. My 25 years as an engineer gave me the training to solve complex problems that our community faces.

Since 2011, I have also had the tremendous privilege of representing the people of State Legislative District 15 in the Maryland House of Delegates. It was another opportunity to make a real difference in peoples’ lives.

I believe a strong economy begins with quality education. I have been a champion of STEM education which will grow the workforce to provide the solutions for the 21st Century challenges including cybersecurity, clean energy, biotech, and the life sciences.

I have fought to increase funding to support a balanced, equitable, and efficient transportation system that can create jobs, encourage businesses to invest in our state, and enhance the quality of life for our residents. I have been a consistent advocate to protect our natural resources, promoting clean air standards, and protecting the Chesapeake Bay.

I have a proven track record as a champion of empowering Maryland’s working families and protecting children and victims of domestic abuse. As a member of the Maryland General Assembly, I was proud to co-sponsor and pass legislation to increase the minimum wage, ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, ensure that rape crisis centers are equipped with the necessary resources to help victims of sexual violence, repeal the death penalty, establish marriage equality and expand common sense background checks for gun purchases.

I was drawn to public service because I want a country that works for everybody. But that’s not what we’re getting from Washington right now. Donald Trump wants a country that just works for him. This is a dark moment for America, but I believe it may also be one of our brightest. The energy we see from people marching, speaking out about policy and getting actively involved in their government will make us stronger. I firmly believe we must continue the fight for equality, inclusiveness, opportunity, and justice.

I am a proud American. I am a progressive Democrat. I am ready to fight for you and with you because our country needs our voices to write the next chapter of our country’s story.

I want to be your Congresswoman because I want to fight on behalf of the district you and I call home.

I want to be your Congresswoman because I will work to make healthcare more affordable for every American. Healthcare is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

I want to be your Congresswoman because I want to help our residents reach their full potential by creating jobs in our changing economy, grow the middle class, and create opportunities and jobs that balance income disparities.

I want to be your Congresswoman because I will fight to protect Social Security, Medicare, and veteran’s benefits. I’ll defend a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. I’ll work to improve our schools, expand STEM education, and make college more affordable. I’ll stand up to Donald Trump as he tries to roll back civil rights and voting rights.

I am running for the United States Congress because I am fighting for a place we call home. A home that provides security, opportunity, equality, and freedom for all.

I am asking for your vote because we must build upon the promise of America and ensure that the America we leave our children is even better than the one we were given.