Nina Ahmad (Lieutenant Governor – PA)

  • Dedicated to our country and community
  • Leader for progressive change
  • Outstanding service to benefit community



An Outspoken Voice for Change

Nina Ahmad is a scientist, women’s rights advocate, and first-generation Bangladeshi American She is running for the Lieutenant Governor to restore integrity to the office and to be the progressive voice that Pennsylvania needs to take on Donald Trump.

An Immigrant’s Story

Nina grew up during a violent war for liberation in Bangladesh, South Asia, and came to United States when she was twenty-one. After improving her English by watching American television shows, she earned her Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania, and achieved success as a molecular biologist and entrepreneur.

A Civic Leader For Working Families

In addition to her professional life, Nina has been a successful civic leader who takes on big fights and wins. As President of the Philadelphia NOW, Nina led a fight against the District Attorney’s office when they refused to fire three prosecutors who had e-mailed degrading pornographic images. She has led important efforts to fight workplace discrimination and harassment that economically undermines women and people of color. As one of the few women of color to serve on the board of the Philadelphia Foundation, Nina has helped raise millions of dollars for local non-profits that improve the quality of life for working and poor families.