AAPI Victory Fund Announces Two New Leadership Councils to Secure Clinton Victory

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

WASHINGTON—As the New York Times is polling Donald Trump gaining across the country, the AAPI Victory Fund has created two leadership councils to secure a victory for Secretary Hillary Clinton–the AAPI Victory Fund Nevada Leadership Council and the AAPI Victory Fund Vietnamese American Leadership Council.

The AAPI Victory Fund Nevada Leadership Council represents the growing mobilization of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in Nevada, and will focus on fundraising and engagement in the days leading up to the election.

“When looking for a President who will support our community and consider our priorities in major policy decisions, there is no decision to be made–Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly the best and most qualified candidate to lead our increasingly diverse country,” said Dr. Zia Khan, vice chair of the AAPI Victory Fund. “There are more than 134,000 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders of voting age in Nevada. The AAPI Victory Fund will use every resource to ensure our community ensures the margin of victory in November.”

In addition to Dr. Khan, the Nevada Leadership Council includes business and community leaders Evan Louie, Rowena Marie, Fayyaz Raja, Ajay Dayal, Raja Majid, Parwaiz Shaukat, Dr. Syed Rahman and Dr. Nauroz Ali. President Obama won Nevada in 2012 by 67,000 votes or 6.7 percent. There are over 134,000 AAPI eligible voters in Nevada, and the size of the AAPI population has grown 155 percent since 2000. Outside of California, the Las Vegas metro area is home to the third-largest AAPI population in the west. Census data from 2014 shows that one in ten Nevadans are AAPI.

The AAPI Victory Fund Vietnamese American Leadership Council is leading the efforts on print, radio and cable TV ads to target the Vietnamese American communities in California, Nevada, Virginia and North Carolina.

“Vietnamese Americans are ready to show our political might,” said Dr. Tung Nguyen, co-founder the AAPI Victory Fund. “Our Leadership Council will be using the airwaves and the newspapers to ensure our community knows that Hillary Clinton is the right choice on November 8th.”

Vietnamese American Leadership Council is co-chaired by Dr. Mai Khanh Tran and Linda Phan along with attorneys Alexandra Khanh Le and Tuyet Duong, and Drs. Thai Van Nguyen, Binh The Nguyen and Minh Hoa Ta. The Vietnamese American population grew by 42 percent nationally from 2000 to 2010. The largest Vietnamese American population outside of Vietnam is in California, where they make up more than six percent of both Orange and San Jose counties. There are over 60,000 Vietnamese Americans in Virginia, while in Nevada, Vietnamese Americans are the second-largest AAPI population.