AAPI Victory Fund Endorses Seven Candidates Ahead of 2020 Elections

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

WASHINGTON – Today, the AAPI Victory Fund endorses an additional seven candidates in the House of Representative races prior to the 2020 elections. These candidates were selected based on their strong backgrounds with the AAPI community and are AAPI and/or represent districts that have high AAPI populations. 

  • TJ Cox (CA-21) (incumbent)
  • Kai Kahele (HI-02)
  • Andy Kim (NJ-03) (incumbent)
  • Dr. Arati Kreibich (NJ-05)
  • Sima Ladjevardian (TX-02)
  • Lucy McBath (GA-06) (incumbent) 
  • Marilyn Strickland (WA-10)

“In 2018, our efforts resulted in the Democrats taking back the House by capturing key seats in Orange County, CA and Virginia,” said Varun Nikore, president of AAPI Victory Fund. “In 2020, we must keep and expand our Democratic majority, and elect Democrats that will respect our values and understand the importance of the AAPI community. We hope that AAPIs nationwide will join us in supporting these candidates and continue the push for progress.”

On January 19th of this year, the AAPI Victory Fund endorsed Joe Biden for President of the United States. In February, AAPI Victory Fund made its first wave of endorsements in Senate, House and State Races across the country.