AAPI Victory Fund Endorses Steve Hobbs in Washington Secretary of State Election

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

WASHINGTON — Today, AAPI Victory Fund announced their latest endorsement for the upcoming midterm elections: Steve Hobbs for Washington Secretary of State. Since being appointed in November 2021, Secretary Hobbs has been a leader in ensuring that Washington state’s elections are secure and accessible to every eligible voter, and is committed to defending democracy.

AAPI Victory Fund President and CEO Brad Jenkins issued the following statement:

“I am honored to lead the AAPI Victory Fund in announcing our endorsement of Steve Hobbs for Washington Secretary of State. With the fate of democracy at stake, electing leaders like Secretary Hobbs is essential to defending democracy and protecting the voices of not only the people of Washington but voters nationwide.”

“A proud son of a Japanese immigrant, Steve Hobbs broke barriers as the first person of color to serve as Washington’s Secretary of State. As Secretary of State and a gatekeeper of democracy, Steve Hobbs knows the importance of meeting voters where they are and has plans to increase the cybersecurity readiness of the state’s 39 counties, combat disinformation, and concentrate voter-education programs to reach Washington’s diverse electorate.”

“Steve Hobbs is an extraordinarily qualified candidate who has proven his commitment to voting rights, bipartisanship, and the people of Washington state. At AAPI Victory Fund, we look forward to the passion, dedication, and equity Steve Hobbs will continue to bring to Washington’s elections and the office of Secretary of State.”

Washington State Senator (LD-34) Joe Nguyen issued the following statement:

“Secretary Steve Hobbs is a dedicated public servant who is committed to ensuring eligible Washingtonians have fair and equitable access to the ballot box. Not only is Steve a colleague but he is also a close friend who lives his values and has continued to work tirelessly to make Washington’s elections the best they can be. I look forward to seeing the great things he will continue to accomplish as Washington’s Secretary of State.”

Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs issued the following statement:

 “I am the proud son of an Asian immigrant. My mother taught me to work hard, value education and serve others. But, as a child, my family was harassed. Our home was tagged and I was bullied. I wasn’t given a chance to prove my worth because I looked different. While our work toward a more just society continues, we are harshly and consistently reminded that hate fights back. Thanks to the hard work of the AAPI Victory Fund to empower and mobilize, members of the AAPI community like me can fight for change.”

“As the first person of color to serve as Washington’s Secretary of State and the first Asian American Secretary of State in our nation’s history, I am incredibly proud to earn the endorsement of the AAPI Victory Fund. We stand together to ensure our elections are secure and accessible to every eligible voter.”


The AAPI Victory Fund is focused on mobilizing Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) eligible voters and moving them to the ballot box.