Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Provide Critical Momentum For Democratic Victories in Virginia

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Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Provide Critical Momentum For Democratic Victories in Virginia

WASHINGTON—The AAPI Victory Fund, the first Super PAC of its kind, congratulates Ralph Northam, Justin Fairfax, and Mark Herring on their victories in Virginia for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General in their respective elections. Combined, these races have been among the most anticipated and funded elections of 2017. AAPI Victory Fund partnered with on the ground organizations — including the Latino Victory Fund — to keep Virginia blue, and to send a strong signal to the country that racism, xenophobia, and other forms of hate have no place in America. According to early voting results, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voter turnout increased by 195 percent. The AAPI Victory Fund endorsed Northam, Fairfax, and Herring in July and has worked to engage and mobilize the AAPI community across the state.

“Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders demonstrated in 2016 — and in the past three presidential elections-that they are crucial for victory in Virginia. Eighty-one percent of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Virginia voted for Hillary Clinton for President in the last general election,” said Shekar Narasimhan, chairman and founder of the AAPI Victory Fund. “Our goal was to continue upon that momentum, and to keep this state blue, especially as hateful rhetoric takes center stage in the state and federal arenas. With the rise of hate attacks against Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Muslim communities in Virginia, the community showed it had enough of the fear-mongering and racist rhetoric by turning out to vote.”

“We are pleased that Virginia will continue to embrace progressive values and the executive branch will remain in control of the Democrats,” said Hyun Lee, AAPI Victory Fund activist. “There is no room for intolerance and racism in Virginia. Today Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders stand with other immigrant communities and communities of color in celebrating the victory of Northam, Fairfax, and Herring. The AAPI Victory Fund will continue to support candidates across America that understand and stand up for our community.”

In an increasing number of races across the country, AAPI voters are set to make up a sizable and influential portion of the electorate. The victory in Virginia is an example of the power of mobilizing and engaging AAPI voters, as they represent the biggest return on political investment for progressives and Democrats.

The AAPI Victory Fund also congratulates Kelly Convirs-Fowler, Mark Keam, and Kathy Tran on their victories in the Virginia House of Delegates.

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