At the Start of AAPI Heritage Month, the AAPI Victory Fund Endorses Andrew Yang for New York City Mayor

by | May 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, during the first week of AAPI Heritage Month, the largest AAPI electoral entity, the AAPI Victory Fund, endorses Andrew Yang to become the next Mayor of the city of New York. 

AAPI’s represent 18% of New York’s population but have largely been ignored and shut out of the process. With this endorsement, the AAPI Victory Fund plans on deploying thousands of volunteers to help Yang’s campaign with blockwalking, phone-banking, fundraising, and plans to reassess the situation later to decide if and when additional resources are needed. 

AAPI Victory Fund President Varun Nikore issued the following statement:

“Today, at the start of AAPI Heritage Month, the AAPI Victory Fund is endorsing our favorite son, Andrew Yang, for Mayor of New York City. For too long, AAPI’s have been locked out of the process and not taken seriously as candidates. Andrew has already changed that. With the rise of AAPI hate and an increased demand for AAPI voices, the AAPI Victory Fund is proud to endorse Andrew and deploy whatever resources it takes to get him over the finish line. This is bigger than politics, this is about having a seat at the table and supporting candidates who know their roots and always have our backs. 

“AAPI’s are rising. We are the fastest growing electorate in the country. AAPI’s increased a staggering 46% from 2016 to 2020 and there is still room to grow in future elections.  It’s time to have AAPI voices at all levels of government. It’s time to elect qualified AAPI’s who will stop at nothing to move places like New York City forward. It’s time to elect Andrew Yang, the candidate for the moment and the candidate that will move New York past this dark time and into the future. We are all in. Andrew will be the next Mayor of the city of New York.”

New York City Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang issued the following statement:

“As Asian Americans across the country continue to grapple with economic hardship, and a staggering rise in hate crimes, there has never been a more critical time for Asian Americans to take a seat at the table. I am deeply honored to have the support of the AAPI Victory Fund. As mayor, I am going to be a tireless advocate for anti-poverty programs like cash relief and establishing a People’s Bank that will have a massively positive impact on the welfare of not just immigrant and AAPI New Yorkers, but the entire city. We’re going to put small businesses front and center and we’re going to unite to make our neighborhoods safer. And doing so as the first Asian-American mayor of New York will only add to the significance of what we’re about to achieve. We’ve got a long way to go but hope is on the way.”