Shehn Datta

Shehn Datta

National Political Director

Shehn is a democracy warrior and community advocate, with over a decade of experience in advocacy, creating collaborative spaces, and movement building. She has devoted her career to justice and ensuring our democracy works for all peoples. Shehn is a champion of communities, with a strong lens towards building power.

Shehn most recently served as the Senior Political Strategist at the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, where she collaborated closely with external partners and internal teams to bring about just and fair redistricting, while battling an undercount in communities of color and for marginalized people. She comes to the AAPI Victory Fund and AAPI Victory Power Fund with a passion to enfranchise and motivate the AAPI community to flex their political power, while bringing culture to the forefront of our work.

A seasoned strategist, Shehn has worked in numerous roles for progressive political organizations. Over her career she has worked to elect candidates who support progressive policies with a focus on mobilizing the young voters and climate champions at NextGen America, advised donors on political programs and opportunities in the states at the Democracy Alliance, and fought for a stronger democracy at both State Voices and the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center. Shehn additionally fought to elect – and then re-elect President Barack Obama, spending the majority of the campaign cycles in North Carolina.

Shehn is Indian-American, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area – which she will always consider home. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Oregon School of Law and her Bachelors degree from Mills College, in Oakland, California. She lives in Virginia, with her husband, son, and dog. When not at home spending time with her family, Shehn can be found in the aisles of a bookstore or library.