Empowering the 21 million-strong AAPIs to be the margin of victory

About the AAPI Victory Fund


The AAPI Victory Fund – the first Super PAC of its kind – is focused on mobilizing Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) eligible voters and moving them to the ballot box. The AAPI community is joined through our values of hard work, family, and our history as immigrants. With the AAPI eligible voters exceeding that of the margin of victory in numerous districts and states, we have an opportunity under a common agenda to bring AAPI voters into position to make or break outcomes for candidates across the country.


As a PAC built around the experiences, knowledge, and leadership of the AAPI community, we are taking control of our own opportunity to make an impact with elected leaders who will represent our values and issues.

Today, the AAPI community faces the biggest threat to its civil rights since the Internment of the Japanese Americans in World War II, which notably started with a Presidential Executive Order – EO 9066. As we have made strides toward equality, Donald Trump’s presidency will bring us back decades. During the first weeks of his presidency, he issued discriminatory Executive Orders that have polarized a nation. And with more to come, we are committed to fight against the exclusionary policies of the Trump Administration and those elected leaders that support him.

We are the strongest voices for ourselves. The Victory Fund is leading the way for the AAPI community to power and sustain its way to the political forefront. We will mobilize a broad population – from millennials, to young professionals, to baby boomers, to seniors – to support a common agenda. We aim to demonstrate the AAPI force not just in numbers, but also in its leverage on the issues that impact and matter to us.


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