What We Do

The AAPI Victory Fund is engaging and empowering AAPI progressive voters to be the margin of victory at all levels of the ballot. Our goals are to:

Build sustained power behind a common agenda

Share knowledge of the AAPI community

Mobilize AAPIs to vote

Join the movement

We’re not a monolith. We’re a diverse community. We are the fastest growing electorate in the country. Our power is everything, but we have to show up. We have to vote.


AAPI Early Voting in Texas Exceeds Participation in 2016 Elections

AAPI Victory Fund early engagement strategy pays dividends as community overperforms expectations WASHINGTON—With eight days left before the 2020 general election, AAPIs have returned more early voting ballots in Texas than the total AAPI votes in the 2016 general election. In 2016, approximately 338,000 ballots were...

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AAPI Victory Fund Endorses Over A Dozen Senate Candidates Ahead of Elections

Supreme Court Vacancy Makes Control of Senate Critical for Our Nation’s Future WASHINGTON – Today, the AAPI Victory Fund announced the endorsement of 16 additional candidates ahead of 2020 elections. These candidates include incumbents and challengers in battleground states and are critical for Democrats to flip and...

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